Saturday, July 18, 2015

Judge a book by its cover?

This past Tuesday (July 14, 2015) my parents and I left hometown Gibsonia, PA for Blacksburg, Va. My home for the next four years. Wednesday July, 15 and Thursday July 16 was my Freshman Student Orientation at Virginia Tech where I will be studying Real Estate and Property Management the next few years of my life. Prior to this series of events, my parents decided that they would like to explore the city of Charlottesville Virginia which originally I was not to thrilled about to say the least. Now, sitting here looking back as we await our departure tomorrow morning post Spa, I can sit here and say that I actually enjoyed these past few days with my parents. Most people would say I am not the most venturous person but over these past few days we have visited Thomas Jeffersons hometown of Monticello, the heart of the historic mall in Charlottesville, picked peaches off of trees at Carter Mountain, Enjoyed a bed and breakfast named the Mark Addy Inn, strolled through a local farmers market, Horseback rode through the beautiful Afton Mountain where we enjoyed a wine tasting in the middle of our ride, and a lovely dinner/stay at the Wintergreen resort. Safe to say that someone may not be too excited to try things they are not used to/comfortable with, but you never know until you try! It may just end up being your favorite thing to do/visit.